Mushroom Guide

Mushroom Guide

Fungi Identification Catalog

This beautifully illustrated mushroom identification guide puts a constantly growing catalog of fungi on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Great for use as a field guide or just to learn about interesting species of mushrooms. Hand drawn scientific illustrations for each species by renowned artist and avid mycophile Julie Johnson.

As we add new species they are automatically downloaded to your catalog and saved for offline use.

Map - Privately save the location of your finds using the map feature.

Each species in the catalog contains the following information:

Scientific Name, Common Name, Class - Order - Family, Edibility, Etymology, Habitat, Season, Similar Species, Cap Shape, Cap Size, Cap Texture, Hymenium Type, Hymenium Shape, Stipe Shape, Stipe Size, Stipe Characteristics, Ecology, Spore Print

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